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Articles meriting serious consideration - judge the chow chow

These pages are included in judges training schemes around the world. The calibre of information presented serve as a guide to both judges and breeders internationally, in the interest of preserving of the Chow Chow as a breed for future generations.
The Chow Chow breed thanks all serious breeders and judges for their time & dedication.

Internationally respected Specialist judges and mentors of the Chow Chow provide the important view of breed defining characteristics.
Photos & illustrations submitted by the authors as visual aids.


According to every breed standard internationally, the Chow Chow’s unique pendulum swing (stilted gait) is as important as the blue tongue and “oriental” scowl.  Overall balance of correct front and rear angles results in full extension producing the characteristic swinging gait.
Yet internationally this gait, a historic hallmark of Chow Chow breed type, is not found in the majority of today’s Chow Chows.
Out of very deep concern, the Chow Chow Club Inc is pleased to present this VIDEO,
compiled by breed mentors/judges, with the intention of guiding fellow judges in their evaluation.
Please study it and help our Chow Chows regain, and improve, this required element of true Chow Chow Type.



"What you see is what you get"
Judging of the smooth chow chow

by Gillian Claxton, UK (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Judging the smooth Chow Chow

Unfortunately in many countries it is quite usual for exhibitors to scissor the coats of rough chows into shape.... so it is up to the judge to penalise where necessary or at least judge the dog and not the artificial shape. When judging a smooth chow “what you see is what you get”. Read more....

The Problem of Balance in the Chow Chow

by Dr Samuel Draper, USA (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Balance in the Chow Chow

Results of this little examination are symptomatic of the problem of balance. Three out of four judges failed the exam outright.... When the judges were confronted with the Standard, their replies included.... Read more....

Judging of the chow chow

by Diana Phillips, UK (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Judging the Chow Chow

The standard asks for an active dog. The Chow should be fit enough to move at a brisk pace and not amble along in the show ring. It is essential that the Chow is well-balanced. This should not be confused with size. Read more....

Judging of the chow chow -
a positive approach

by Linda (Love) Banghart, USA (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Positive Judging of Chows

As the evaluator gains experience and true knowledge of the Chow Chow, the history of the breed and current health and structural issues in our breed, they will hopefully attain a different approach to judging. Read more....

Judging of the chow chow

by Mona Selbach, Norway (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Judging Chows

I think the judges play a very important part when it comes to the future of a breed. What they put up in the ring to day, will most certainly be the mothers and the fathers of the Chows of tomorrow....Champions and winner titles are vital to get your studs used and your puppies sold. Read more ....

Chow Chow Pigmentation

by Bernice Leroy, ZA (Chow Chow Africa Website)

Chow Chow Pigmentation

This article serves as an overview of the correct pigmentation for the Chow Chow to guide breeders and judges. We will approach each of the important anatomical points related to pigment by looking at what history tells us, various Breed Standard requireents, compare to genetics and interpret it all reasonably through these three filters. Read more....

Judging of the chow chow

Dr Jo Anne O'Brien DVM, USA (Wine Country Chow Chow Assn Website)

Judging Chows structure

The spine of the shoulder, if extended to the ground, should have an angle of 55-60 degrees with the ground. The shoulder and upper arm, or humerus, form an angle of approximately 110 degrees and the upper arm must be at least as long as the shoulder. Read more....

The Complete Chow Chow

by Dr Samuel Draper, USA (Chow Chow Africa Website)

The Complete Chow Chow

The Chow is a square dog. This squareness should be stressed repeatedly. Every Chow Standard in the world today defines the Chow as square, in that the body squares with the height at shoulder. Unfortunately, some judges and breeders do exist that ignore - indeed shut their eyes to this important attribute of the Chow. His squareness. Read more ....

Retaining stilted / pendulum gait -
A different angle

by Bernice Leroy, ZA (Chow Chow Africa Website)


Pendulum Gait of Chow Chows

Few can explain technically why the Chow Chow stilts, and equally few have actually seen correct stilted / pendulum gait. If the greater number of breeders cannot technically understand what exactly brings about stilted / pendulum gait, how can they produce it, select for it or educate judges? If the greater number of judges do not technically understand or see correct stilted / pendulum gait, how can they accurately reward it? Read more....

Measuring of the Chow Chow

by Jeff Sedillos, USA (Paramount Website)


Measuring the Chow Chow

PowerPoint presentation with slides to guide actual measuring of the Chow Chow. A 1.04MB PowerPoint download. Download it now ....

Preferred Breed Type: Why The Stand-out Best dog can Be A Loser

by K Gammil (The DogPlace Website)


Why the Stand-out Best dog can lose

It is a "Judas Kiss" to any breed when a judge puts up a dog simply because it looks like the majority in the ring. It encourages people to breed to “winners” rather than to a breed standard. A bad front and bad rear working in sequence produces “balance”. Do two wrongs make a right? Read more ....


The Reasons why Breeds Change

by Andrew H Brace

Why breeds change

It takes a little time, but soon judges arrive at a situation where they get a class of six dogs – five of them are of the “new” rather off-beat type, one is completely correct. The knowledgeable and constructive judge will know enough about the breed to be able to say with conviction “This one is right – the others are wrong” and judge accordingly. Many other judges, however, perhaps lacking depth of knowledge of that breed, will take the easy option, assume that the five must be right as they form the majority, and the sixth dogs gets left out of the awards. Read more....


learn more about the Chow Chow upon which the Breed standard is said to have been based.

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