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activities for chow chows

Get active with your Chow

not just a couch potato!

Originally a hunting and working breed, there are many activities suitable for your Chow Chow. You can both enjoy a varied and fun time together. Bear in mind that no Chow Chow should be exposed to overly strenuous activities before it has reached the age of 18 months. Before attempting any form of activity with your Chow, it is strongly advised to have it checked over by your veterinarian who can make recommendations on the type & amount of excercise suitable for your Chow Chow. Older chow chows too can join in the excitement! Taking your dog with you on outings, walks and hikes promotes a healthier lifestyle for both Chows and humans.

Canine good citizen

Canine Good Citizen

Basic exercises to prove that your dog is a "good citizen" - a well mannered member of society. All KUSA clubs can hold these tests.


Chow Chow Obedience

Why not try your hand at Obedience. It is also a platform to many other activities - Carting, Agility, and more.


Chow Chow Agility

Agility is an sport where both chow & owner get a good workout! But first, you'll have to complete Obedience!


Carting Chow Chow

The Chow Chow's calm temperament makes it an ideal candidate for Carting. But first, you'll have to complete Obedience!

herding chows

Herding Chow Chow

One of it's most ancient functions - the Chow Chow is a guard dog for herds of livestock.! An enjoyable activity for an intelligent breed.

Barn hunting

Chow Chow Barn Hunt

A new activity for Chow Chows being pursued in the USA. Great fun as Chows are natural hunters. Basic obedience is required.


Therapy Chow Chow

South Africa has had a number of Therapy Chow Chows. Organizations which offer training are listed below:


Show Chow Chow

Conformation/Breed Shows help keep certain looks preserved for future generations. A low level of physical activity makes it suitable for most owners.

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