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Breeding your Chow Chow

The Chow Chow puppy is absolutely fascinating and enchanting, and the adult dog most often is a very much loved companion. This could lead to owners feeling that their 'perfect' chow chow should be bred. Litters may arrive without much forethought to the genetics behind the parents, likely contributing to the overpopulation of abandoned animals. Selective, responsible breeding is time-consuming and very costly!


If you understand that breeding your Chow Chow takes time, money and a heavy toll on emotions, even more so if you're ethical about breeding, and you still are interested in breeding your beloved chow chow - enjoy the following information - start by examining your chow chow in comparison to the breed history: what the breed is historically supposed to be able to do physically and mentally (functional ability). Then look at breed standards listed below to see what important physical attributes (looks) it should have. Of utmost importance is as assessing it's health by means of official health certification.


Start by knowing the breed history of the Chow Chow
(Chow Tales Website)

Now make sure you understand the Chow Chow breed standards
(Chow Chow Africa Website)

Definitely understand the health concerns facing Chow Chows
(Chow Chow Africa Website)

Is Health Certification of my Chow Chow Really of Value?
(Ciao Chows Website)

After this, make an indepth study of the info in various articles linked to below. Enjoy the journey!

Then continue by buying breeding quality chow chows
(Chow Chow Africa Website)

20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs
(ECSCA Website)

Getting Started as a Responsible Breeder
(AKC Gazette/Website)

Genetics, Color Breeding, Coat Genetics
(Xin-Feng Website)

Animal Genetics - Including Colour Genetics
(Bowling Website)

Canine Genetics Primer & FREE Canine Genetics Software
(Tenset Technologies Website)

Highly Informative articles on Breeding
( Breeding Better Dogs Website - Dr Carmen Battaglia)

Birthcontrol, Breeding, Estrus Cycles and more.
( Michigan Animal Hospital Website)

The Care and Feeding of the Breeding Bitch
(AKC Gazette/Website)

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