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Chow Chow Breeders in Southern Africa (Kusa Registered)

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Nothing is quite as charming as a chow chow puppy!

Searching for chow chow breeders in South Africa?

Comprehensive list of KUSA registered breeders available here.


Chow Chow Africa advises - do thorough research - peruse the many articles available before acquiring a puppy for the family. Guides to rescue chow chows and how to adopt an adult, what to look for when buying a puppy, how to raise and feed a puppy, grooming of chows, chow chow health, it's unique character, the accepted colours and the coat types - rough (long hair) and smooth (short hair) chow chows, and more.

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    Cape Province

    Cape Chow Chow Community
    Orientaldream (WC)
    Shows / Breeds (Rough)

    Betsie Jackes
    +27 (0)79 496 6811
    E-Mail Orientaldream
    Tshwane Chow Chows



    Tshwane Chow Chows
    Shows / Breeds (Rough/Smooth)

    Martine Braun
    +27 (0)74 186 0608
    E-Mail Hsien
    Visit the Hsien Website

    Free State Chow Chows
    Free State Chow Chows



    Gauteng Chow Chows
    Shows / Breeds (Rough/Smooth)
    Anner van der Westhuizen
    +27 (0)79 799 0814
    E-Mail Sadalbari
    Visit the Sadalbari Website

    Gauteng Chow Chows
    Shows / Breeds (Rough)

    Estelle Cliff
    +27 (0)82 455 9818E-Mail Stardazzler



    North West Chow Chows
    Shows / Breeds (Rough/Smooth)

    Bernice Leroy
    E-Mail Ciao
    Visit the Ciao Chows Website

    Northwest Chow Chows
    Shows / Breeds (Rough)

    Sarie & Victor Hattingh
    +27 (0)72 228 2370 Victor
    +27 (0)72 227 8031 Sarie
    E-Mail Lionbear
    Visit the Lionbear Website





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