Once a Chow Chow ... always a Chow Chow ...

One of the oldest known breeds of dog, the Chow Chow has captivated man's heart for milleniums, being a loyal companion and working dog within the family unit. Unique in it's bear-like appeal, yet with a cat-like temperament and cleanliness, this breed of dog is not for everybody. The Chow Chow is a companion, the likes of which you will never forget.

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Agility is one sport for Chows

Obedience, agility and other


Dog Sport has variety. You can participate in many different avenues - Obediece, Agility, Conformation (Breed) Shows and more. Do a KUSA Show search here

Rescue Chow Chows

Available Rescues - Album Updated regularly:


Several rescues are looking for homes. They are listed in an album with contact details in the description with each photo. Please browse the album and consider offering a home to a Chow Chow in need.

Our Visitor's Chows!

Our visitors send us their Chow Chow photos to share with everyone!

  • Lexi & Java - Kuhn Family

    lexi & java

    Kuhn family
  • Inci - Rossi family


    Rossi Family
  • Tyra and Gen - vd Westhuizen family


    Ivann Schlechter



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Judging the Chow Chow

Reknown articles on judging the Chow Chow

An indepth series of articles which is used worldwide by Kennel Clubs for judges education. Everyone who wishes to exhibit or judge Chow Chows will benefit from these articles.

Breeders Education

Learn more about breeding Chows

It is imperative that any breeding undertaken is done responsibly. This will keep the Chow Chow healthy and true to it's rich ancient heritage, preserving it for future generations.

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