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Smooth Chow Chows in Africa


The smooth (short hair) Chow Chow has been present in Africa for at least 75 years, as documented by photographs and other records. Early breeders established the breed's presence in Southern Africa some 100 years ago, both showing the smooth and including these in their breeding programs. Although numbers have always been relatively small, in the 21st century, several breeders are documented as continuing to include smooth Chow Chows in breeding programs, with the pet owning public thoroughly enjoying this beautiful variety.

We invite you to explore all about the smooth Chow Chow on the links above or on the left - it's known interesting history in Southern Africa, it's current status, breeders, list of KUSA registered smooths, photo albums, thought provoking articles and smooth champions.

Living on the African continent, do you own a smooth Chow? Please send us it's details, a photo (or an updated photo if ours is old), and your own details! We are happy to add it to the records and the news section!

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