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Life with a Chow Chow

Chow Chow for life, not just for good times.

Chow Chows are fantastic companion dogs and their beauty attracts many people. Before adding a Chow Chow to your life, please peruse our guides and see if this is truly the breed for you and your circumstances. Make very sure what is involved in buying a puppy, and be committed to this pup for life. Decide beforehand not to ever do, or support, irresponsible breeding. When possible, seriously consider adopting a rescue, but first read our guides on how to deal with a potentially confused Chow Chow. Chow Chows do not do well in Rescue situations, as they do not cope well with the challenges of life in a shelter. Many individuals involved in rescue have preconceived ideas and prejudice about the unique character of the Chow Chow, and thus are quick to discard a Chow Chow as a poor candidate for rescue.
Enjoy the journey of adding a Chow Chow to your life - they are companions without equal!

grooming and feeding Chow Chows

Grooming of Chow Chows

character and socialisation of chows

Chow Chow Character

chow chow

Chow Chow Health

buying A
Chow Chow puppy

Chow Chow Puppy


Chow Chow colours and coat Types

Rough and smooth chow puppies

the kusa pedigree
for chow chows

KUSA pedigree

caring for senior chow Chows

Senior Chow Chow

emergency with my chow chow

Chow Chow Emergency

lost or found
chow chows

Lost Chow Chow

adopting an adult Chow Chow

Adopting a Chow Chow

Chow Chow Rescue
in southern africa

Chow Chow Rescue ZA

breeding your
chow chow

Breeding your Chow Chow

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