Chow Chow Africa brings you comprehensive information about the breed, featuring Chow Chows in South Africa and the continent as a whole. The Chow puppy has a unique appeal in the dog world with the adult is impressive both in appearance and demeanour. Responsible breeders and owners are a necessity in a fast changing modern world. We invite you to learn more on this website about this enigmatic dog.

Information about this ancient breed in the history of the Chow Chow, it's unique character, the accepted colours and the coat types - rough (long hair) and smooth (short hair) Chow Chows, internationally acclaimed educational articles on judging the Chow Chow, and even more info.

Guides to adopt an adult dog, how to raise and feed a Chow Chow puppy, grooming, education on health, breeder guidelines, KUSA registered Chow Chow breeders in South Africa for enquiries about puppies. There is also the comprehensive section on the smooth (short hair) Chow Chow.

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